Erotic assistant

Erotics assistant - is our special telegram bot which will help you dive into all the Erosswap features. This bot has a lot of different options, it makes your interaction experience with the site much easier. Also, some options will be available in chat, due this is "assistant" bot.
Available actions:
  1. 1.
    Find all needed links connected with our site, such as: audits, contracts, social networks links, price chart, link on PCS to buy token etc;
  2. 2.
    Get your personal referral link. You can read about our referral systems Trio here;
  3. 3.
    Take part in airdrop of Eros tokens. Important - you can participate only through Erotic assistant. Rules and terms for the airdrop are located here;
  4. 4.
    See actual price of Eros token
You can find a manual about getting your referral link on the FAQ page.